Vol. XLI No. 32 August 06, 2017

Successful One Day Strike in BSNL

THE one day strike on July 27, called by the unions and associations of BSNL, was near total. The officers and workers of BSNL have massively responded to the strike call. The strike took place demanding wage revision from January 1, pension revision, superannuation benefits to the directly recruited employees and to stop the attacks on trade union rights in BSNL.  The success of the strike was beyond expectations in almost all circles. Most of the customer care centres, administrative offices, and telephone exchanges wore a deserted look. The officers and workers also conducted huge demonstrations throughout the country, highlighting their demands. In all places, the strike was peaceful, without any untoward incident. However, the Trinamool goons had attacked the union leaders in Kolkata. Nearly 400 striking employees have been taken into custody by the police in Guwahati. The unions and associations have severely condemned these incidents. They heartily congratulated the officers and workers for making the strike a success. The government and the BSNL management was asked to immediately discuss the issues with the unions and associations, and to resolve them without delay. It was also warned that, any reluctance on the part of the government and the BSNL management in this regard, will only force the unions and associations to give a call for more serious forms of struggles, including an indefinite strike.