Vol. XLI No. 47 November 19, 2017

AILU Condemns Rajasthan Ordinance Protecting Corrupt Officials

THE recent ordinance passed by the Rajasthan Government amending Criminal Procedure Code to protect corrupt officials/ public servants, serving and former magistrates and judges from being investigated for their misdemeanor and corruption on duty without Government sanction and barring the media from reporting on accusations of such wrong doings, till Government sanctions such a probe, is highly undemocratic, oppressive and an attack on freedom of the press. It demonstrates the authoritarian approach of Rajasthan’s BJP government.

All India Lawyers Union, in a statement issued on November 10, has strongly condemned this totally unconstitutional ordinance which negates rule of law, equality, freedoms of speech and expression, liberty etc. of the individuals as well as the press. It appreciated the public opinion demonstrated against this action of the Rajasthan government and appealed all lawyers, law teachers, students and all countrymen cherishing democratic values to raise their voice against this sort of attack on democracy and rule of law.

All India Lawyers Union demanded immediate withdrawal of the Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Bill, 2017 or any other bill replacing the ordinance.