Vol. XLII No. 19 May 13, 2018

TELANGANA: Karl Marx’s Bicentennial Birth Anniversary Celebrated

M Venugopala Rao

KARL Marx’s bicentennial birth anniversary was celebrated by the CPI(M), other Left parties and several organisations in Telangana on May 5. With the inspiration drawn from Karl Marx, a spirit of revolution and action should be taken to the masses of people for concerted and continued fight against class exploitation and for social transformation, B V Raghavulu,  Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M), said.  Speaking at a meeting organised on the occasion of the bicentennial birth anniversary of legendary and epoch-making philosopher Karl Marx at M B Bhavan in Hyderabad, Raghavgulu explained that, contrary to the observations and analyses of several intellectuals and philosophers before him, Marx analysed transformation of society and the need for changing it. Through dialectical materialism and by analysing the role of labour, class exploitation, oppression and the working class, Marx gave a direction for social transformation through revolutionary struggles. That was the reason why Karl Marx continued to be talked about and Marxism discussed by billions of people all over the world, though only eleven people were present when he was cremated, Raghavulu said, underlining the scientific strength and continued relevance of Marxism as a beacon light of revolution for emancipation of mankind from class exploitation.

Crises that develop in the system of capitalism were cancerous and attempts to solve one crisis would lead to cropping up of another crisis in capitalist society. Marxism was the only panacea for such changing crises, Raghavulu explained. Explaining how various persisting problems have been affecting the lives of different sections of the people under capitalist system in the world and India, Raghavulu pointed out the kind of struggles being waged by the farmers, working class and others and referred to the recent Mahapadav of the trade unions  and movements of farmers in different parts of the country. He gave a call for intensifying such struggles.  Tammineni Veerabhadram, secretary of the Telangana state committee of the CPI(M),  gave a call to the working class to continue to work on the path shown by Karl Marx  to fight against economic exploitation and social oppression. He made it clear that that was the only manner to pave way for socialism in the country.  G Nagayya, member of the Central Committee, presided over the meeting. Central Committee member M A Gafoor, state secretariat members of the Party T Jyothy, Nandyala Narsimha Reddy and others participated.

Addressing a seminar on Marxism and the present-day world organised in Khammam, Raghavulu asserted that as long as human society continues in existence, the theories of Karl Marx would continue to be relevant and practicable and inspire struggles of the people and empower the working class to fight against class exploitation and social oppression. Karl Marx’s “Capital” has been guiding the world to a new path, in the background of crises engulfing the capitalist system the world over, proving that capitalism cannot overcome them, as has been propounded by him. Marx’s writings would influence the world much more in the coming period, in the background of liberalisation and its attendant adverse consequences for the people. Raghavulu underlined the need for propagating Marxism among the younger generation. He released a book titled “Mahonnatudu Marx” written by convener of Telangana Sahiti, K Anandachary.  Khammam district committee secretary of the CPI(M) Nunna Nageswara Rao presided over the seminar.