Vol. XLII No. 31 August 05, 2018

WEST BENGAL: CM’s Concerns on NRC are Doubtful

CPI(M) West Bengal state secretary Suryakant Misra in a  statement  issued on July 30, has demanded that all citizens residing in Assam should be enlisted in NRC.

He said people of West Bengal are concerned about developments in Assam. It is doubtful whether the statement of the West Bengal chief minister in this regard is actually aimed to address this concern. The role of TMC in the past on citizenship issue is one reason for this doubt. If the chief minister is interested in peaceful solution, it is imperative that she should call an all party meeting and discuss with the central government with all party assembly delegation.

Left Front chairman Biman Basu said, there is an attempt on the part of BJP to divide people on religious, linguistic lines. Left Front will never accept this provocation. It is reported that documents submitted by lakhs of people have been rejected. The time frame of appeal should be extended, he said.