Vol. XLIII No. 14 April 07, 2019

Meanwhile in Tripura

Rahul Sinha

ELECTION campaign for the CPI(M) candidates has gained momentum in both the  seats of Tripura despite the ruling party continuing its terror tactics.  

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and leader of opposition, Manik Sarkar, addressed two public meetings on April 1-2  in Sonamurra and Agartala in support of Sankar Prasad Datta.  Both the meetings were well attended. The meeting in Agartala continued till it had to be stopped because of thunderstorm and a heavy downpour. Speaking at the meetings, Manik Sarkar termed the ensuing Lok Sabha election as the most important election since the independence of India.  He said, today, the constitution of India, democracy, secularism, unity and integrity of the country are under severe attack. This election is about saving the country. All the constitutional bodies have been tampered with. The idea of federalism is at stake. The only way to save the country is to ensure the defeat of BJP in this election.

Manik Sarkar asserted that to come out of the difficult situation Tripura has been facing since the change in state government, it is imperative to defeat the BJP in both the seats of Tripura. The BJP has failed to deliver any of the promises it made before the election. In the last one year, they have butchered democracy in the state.  All the democratic rights have been snatched away. The dark days of poverty, hunger, starvation deaths, selling off children for food, have returned. People want a change in this suffocating situation. The Election Commission must ensure that people can exercise their democratic rights of voting without any fear. In Tripura, it is the Left Front alone which can defeat the BJP. Unseating the Modi government at the centre will strengthen the struggle in Tripura to redeem the hard earned rights of the people. 

In East Tripura seat too, CPI(M) candidate Jitendra Choudhury is conducting  an intense election campaign. People are coming out in the meetings, speaking up about the distress they are faced with. 

On April 6, CPI(M) general secretary  Sitaram Yechury is scheduled to address a public meeting  in  Agartala.  He will address another meeting in East Tripura seat in the next week.