50 Years of People’s Democracy

Remembering Comrade Ramdas

I JOINED People’s Democracy editorial staff soon after it moved to Delhi from Calcutta after the emergency was lifted in 1977. Comrade Ramdas was the working editor, whom I knew from before as the Central Committee member and husband of Comrade Kitty Menon. Comrade Kitty Menon, (later colleague in Social Scientist and People’s Democracy), a teacher of economics at Delhi School of Economics at Delhi University was our Party mentor and was responsible for educating several generations of teachers and students in Marxism.

50 Years of People’s Democracy

50 Years of Relentless Struggle
Sitaram Yechury

WITH this issue, People’s Democracy, the central organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), turns 50 years old! Since June 27, 1965, every week dated Sunday, People’s Democracy (PD) has come out regularly. Except when an issue was skipped (like on occasions when Party Congresses are held), the PD continued to reach its readers regularly during these 2,600 weeks.

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