Working Class Issues

Reduce Dependence on FDI, Increase Internal Resources by Taxing the Rich: Trade Unions to Govt

ALL central trade unions have submitted a memorandum to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley listing their viewpoint on issues to be considered for framing of budget for 2017-18. At a customary pre-budget discussion on November 19, the central trade union leaders appealed to the Finance Minister to ensure that the proposals put forward by them find a place in the budget. CITU was represented by its general secretary and MP Tapan Sen.

15th CONFERENCE OF CITU: Unite the Working Class and Intensify Struggles

THE 15th conference of CITU concluded in Puri on November 30 with great enthusiasm and determination to take the united struggles of the working class to newer heights to force a change in the policy trajectory. The conference affirmed that discontent was growing against the impact of the neoliberal policies and people were looking for alternatives. This situation provided opportunities for uniting and mobilising workers on the basis of the alternative policies and intensifying the struggles to achieve these.

Strike in BSNL on Dec 15 to Defeat Govt’s Nefarious Plan to Fragment BSNL

THE entire employees and officers of BSNL are going on a one day strike on December 15, 2016. This struggle is against the government’s move to finish off BSNL, by fragmenting it into pieces. The ministry of communications has sent a cabinet note, for forming a subsidiary company to manage BSNL’s mobile towers. If the cabinet approves it, BSNL’s 65,000 mobile towers will be hived off to the new subsidiary tower company. The entire trade unions of BSNL are opposing this move.

Step-Up Combat to Change the Policy Trajectory

THE 15th conference of CITU started with great enthusiasm at Comrade Samar Mukherjee Nagar in Puri at 10.00 am on November 26, 2016.  AK Padmanabhan, CITU president hoisted the red flag of CITU to mark the commencement of the conference. The inaugural session began after all the delegates led by the president, general secretary and other office bearers of CITU, paid floral tributes at the martyr’s column.

Jagannath Patnaik, chairman, reception committee welcomed the delegates.

Towards the CITU 15th All India Conference: Unify the Class: Intensify the Struggle

THOUSANDS of Red flags of CITU were hoisted at union offices, work places and residential area on November 7, the day that marks the beginning of the centenary of the Great October Revolution.  CITU secretariat had called upon all the affiliated unions, to observe this day as the Flag Day of the 15th All India Conference of CITU. This conference is to be held in Puri, Odisha from November 26-30.

Odisha All-Set for the 15th CITU All India Conference

THE 15th conference of CITU will be held in the coastal town of Puri in Odisha on November 26- 30, 2016. Over 2000 delegates, fraternal delegates and guests will be coming to Puri to participate in the conference. Over 400 of them will be women. The conference will be discussing all issues of concern for the working class and all toiling sections of society. It will review the activities of CITU during the period since its 14th conference in Kannur in 2013 keeping in view the directions and decisions of the last conference and formulate concrete tasks for the next three years. 


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