Working Class Issues

CITU Denounces Hike in Petrol & Diesel Prices

THE Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), in a statement issued on May 1, has denounced the hike in petrol price by Rs 1.06 per litre and diesel by Rs 2.94 per litre. Due to this hike, petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 62.19 per litre and diesel will cost Rs 50.95 per litre. This anti-people step of the NDA government is a cruel and atrocious onslaught on the mass of the people already reeling under continuing price rise of all essential commodities.

Garment Workers Revolt That Shook The Ruling Class!

“WE are garment workers, we are meted out injustice. They say henceforth double PF would not be paid to us. We shall not work till we get it; even if we have to die for it.”  Anasuyamma, a worker of AKR garments was telling us with anger on her face. “You are injured so much, yet you talk of fighting”, we interjected. Pat came her answer. “Yes, we shall not give up our right.”  Anasuyamma’s lower leg, Jockey Garment’s 20-year old Asha’s head were bandaged for serious wounds.

No Concern for Job and Survival of Beedi Workers

SINCE the middle of February, 2016, more than one crore beedi workers, mainly in the rural areas, have lost their meagre daily earnings due to shut down by beedi manufacturers in protest against the health ministry’s notification increasing the size of pictorial health warning on tobacco containing products including beedis. This is taking place at a time when vast rural areas in different states are reeling under draught and the rural people are deprived of their earnings from agriculture and the failure of MNREGA to provide alternative jobs in rural areas.

EPFO Amendments: Govt Should Learn the Lessons

THE government of India has been forced to withdraw the notifications, amending the rules for withdrawal of funds from the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). In a statement issued on April 20, the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) underlined that the government, which was not prepared to listen to the demands of the central trade unions and their representatives in the Central Board of Trustees of EPFO, had to withdraw it because of struggles of workers in different parts of the country including Bengaluru and Visakhapatnam.

BEFI Holds Tamilnadu State conference Successfully

THE 11th conference of Bank Employees Federation of India - Tamilnadu held at Coimbatore from March 25- 27, 2016 has been a milestone in the bank employees’ movement of this part of the country.

The reception committee constituted on January 24, 2016 under the chairmanship of P R Natarajan, former MP has done an excellent job in taking care of the delegates and observers and providing a pleasant atmosphere for the smooth conduct of the conference.

CITU Holds Massive Rally of Unorganised Sector Workers in Mumbai

MORE than 16,000 workers from four sectors – construction, powerloom, beedi and domestic work – poured into Azad Maidan to attend the statewide rally of unorganised sector workers called by CITU on March 16. The always precarious condition of these unorganised sector workers has deteriorated even further under the policies of the BJP led governments at the centre and in the state.


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