Working Class Issues

Sen Opposes ESIC Reorganisation Move

CITU general secretary and parliamentarian Tapan Sen has written to Union Labour and Employment Minister Santosh Gangwar, seeking his intervention to stop the proposed reorganisation of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) through merger of sub-regional offices in different states.

 In a letter on November 30, Sen said that such a move would lead to “immense and unmanageable difficulties for insured persons to have their lawful benefit denied by lower-level offices/establishments”.

Road Transport Workers to participate in the TU Mahapadav

THE All India Co-Ordination Committee of Road Transport Workers’ Organisations in a statement issued on October 6, has called upon the transport workers in the country to participate in the Mahapadav from November 9-11, in New Delhi in protest against the MV Act Amendment Bill. It also appealed to all the transport workers in the country to observe protest actions as and when the bill will be introduced in the Rajya Sabha. After the three-day Mahapadav, future course of action will be announced.

JAN EKTA JAN ADHIKAR ANDOLAN: Convention against Neoliberal, Communal Policies

THE all India convention of mass, class and social movements was held on September 18 in New Delhi to intensify the issue-based united struggle against the anti-people neoliberal and communal policies of the BJP led NDA government. 

The Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan (people’s unity, people’s right, people’s resistance) was launched in the convention which will be expand to all states and districts. It gave a call for people’s unity torch light meetings/processions at district/lower levels across the country on October 30.


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