Resist Twin Attacks of RSS on Education

EDUCATION is considered a tool to inculcate independent thinking in students. The basis of education is conveying real facts and established principles to the students through their curriculum, equipping them to analyse these facts and evolve their independent thinking. This will lead to a rational society, but education is used as a means for ideological indoctrination by the RSS-BJP, for communalising the entire society to implement their strategy of establishing a Hindu Rashtra.

Condemn Communalisation of Education

CPI(M)  Polit Bureau has issued the following statement on November 20

THE Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns the outrageous directions issued by the Rajasthan minister for primary and secondary education according to which the students of all government and private schools in Jaipur have been asked to get their students to attend the five-day Hindu Spiritual And Service Fair being held in the state capital. 

Why A Ranking System for Schools?

THE Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is going to introduce a ranking system for Kendriya Vidyalayas in June next year, according to media reports. While the stated objective for the reported move is to “improve quality”, the ploy is to cut down on government spending and privatise school education. Educationists have warned against such a move. If private schools are later included in the ranking system, schools run and aided by governments may be left behind, which will ultimately encourage people to send their wards to private schools.

Students March against Attacks on Education, Democracy and Social Justice

THOUSANDS of students from all over India marched under the banner of the Students’ Federation of India to the parliament on March 3, 2017, against the right-wing assaults led by the RSS-BJP-ABVP on education, democracy and social justice, and for a pro-people, pro-student education policy. The call for this march was given by the central executive committee of SFI in the wake of an unrelenting authoritarian assault on campuses and students in the past couple of years in the wake of the imposition of RSS’ agenda of Hindutva.

SFI Denounces Anarchy in HPU

THE central executive committee of the Students’ Federation of India, in a statement issued on October 5, has denounced the efforts of ABVP to create anarchy and a reign of terror in the Himachal Pradesh University campus. In the last one-week, ABVP goons have attacked research scholars, girl students and tribal students in the campus. All this is happening in the presence and protection of police and the administration.

Shimla Convention Resolves to Make Universities the Centres of Resistance against RSS-BJP Regime

SEPTEMBER 27 was the 110th birth anniversary of the hero of the generations of Indian students and Youth, Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh. This year’s anniversary saw the streets of Shimla, capital of the hill state of Himachal Pradesh, reverberating with the slogans, dreams and aspirations of that 23 year old-starry eyed youth.

Free, Free Our Universities..!!

THE new academic year has begun in Indian universities with signals of authoritarian highhandedness in different forms. The beginning of any academic activity is supposed to be fear free and must be in an atmosphere of freedom. However, the news coming from campuses from EFLU to JNU, situated in diverse locations in the country offer stern warnings regarding what is in store for the new students. These indicate that this academic year for the students is going to be no different from the previous academic year when they were filled with student outrages.


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